THE Artist Agency

THE Artist Agency Washington DC“School was difficult. From a very early age, I struggled with academics and it did not surprise me when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Also, it explained my natural affinity for the arts.”

Erkiletian found school difficult throughout her childhood years due to having dyslexia and a military family upbringing, which required relocating often. She always had a deep interest in pursuing a career in the arts however, which led her to partake in high school theater classes. During that time, Erkiletian was immediately drawn to the hair and makeup aspect of performance, finding it inspiring to be part of a larger creative community. Although she went on tour briefly with Candi Stanton as a backup singer, Lynda quickly realized that she wanted to be rooted in one place rather than constantly traveling.

Recognizing her love of hair and makeup, she obtained her cosmetology license and began working as a freelance artist for print, television and film shoots.  Erkiletian’s client list quickly grew in size, featuring many notable names such as Nancy Reagan, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lloyd Bridges, and Patty Duke.

Lynda founded THE Artist Agency in 1985 with the goal of raising local fashion and beauty industry standards. From runways to commercial and editorial print layouts, THE Artist Agency represents a diverse array of talent: models, hair and makeup artists, bridal and wardrobe stylists, set designers, and location scouts amongst others.

Today, the Georgetown-based agency represents hundreds of models and stylists who work with clients all over the globe including: Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Chanel, Vanity Fair, Elle, and O Magazine, just to name a few.